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A Siblingship DNA Test helps determine whether two siblings are related or not, i.e., brothers/sisters. Sibling Ship DNA testing begins with the collection of samples from both parties. The samples ... Read more

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Do you need a Paternity DNA Test with the father and child only? DDC Laboratories India provides various DNA tests, including a Confidential Paternity DNA Test in India at affordable prices. For this ... Read more

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If a woman is not sure who the child's father is and is too worried, then contact the DNA Forensics Laboratory and get Non-invasive Prenatal Paternity tests that help reduce that stress. The ... Read more

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The Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test (No sex determination) determines whether a child is genetically related to their biological father or not. This advanced DNA test needs a blood sample from ... Read more

Ancestry DNA Tests in India - Find Your Ancestral Origin

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Are you wondering about knowing your ancestral past? Ancestry DNA Test in India is your option to go. Ancestry DNA Tests can provide information like the origin of your father’s or mother’s side ... Read more

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DDC Laboratories India is the top DNA testing company/lab in India, providing DNA testing for immigration purposes. We are the only company providing accredited immigration DNA tests with global ... Read more

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There are numerous DNA sample options for a maternity DNA Test, but Buccal Swabs are the most preferred. In the case of blood samples, it may be prone to spillage and environmental degradation. On the ... Read more

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The Maternity DNA test is conducted to establish whether a woman is the biological mother of a child or not. DDC Laboratories India has been a reputed name in the field of DNA testing services. Here, ... Read more

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DDC Laboratories India is one of the top DNA testing companies offering 100% accurate, fast, and accredited Maternity DNA Tests in India at competitive pricing. We use various DNA sample options for ... Read more

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DDC Laboratories India is the most trusted DNA lab in India, offering 100% accurate and reliable DNA Tests online at attractive pricing. If you want to take the samples yourself, you can also buy our ... Read more

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A DNA Test can be an actual lifesaver and is often the only chance to confirm a biological relationship between humans. DDC Laboratories India is one of the leading DNA testing labs offering 100% ... Read more

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If the child is swapped/exchanged in the hospital, and the person has no one to turn to for help, in this case, a child swap DNA test can be an excellent choice for you. DNA Tests for Baby Swap in ... Read more

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DDC Laboratories India is a leading provider of various DNA testing services offering accredited, confidential, and highly reliable results. We provide accredited Paternity DNA Tests in India at ... Read more

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A non-invasive Prenatal Paternity Test verifies the biological relationship of an unborn child to their father. The test requires a blood sample and two cheek swabs from the mother and the potential ... Read more

Ancestry DNA Tests in India – Find your Ancestral Roots

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Curious to know your Ancestral history and origin? Ancestry DNA test is right for you. At DDC Laboratories India, we provide 100% accurate and reliable Ancestry DNA tests at affordable pricing. We are ... Read more

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Are you doubtful that your baby was swapped with another at birth in the hospital? Want to confirm it? Then, we are here to help you. DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. is among the leading companies ... Read more

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